Addressing the Issue of Human Trafficking

Route 13 bisects the state of Delaware on a North South axis. It is a busy highway, one frequented by those moving from northern places like New York City to Virginia and points beyond, or vice versa as the same people head north. It is also a major route for human traffickers.

trafficking hotlineHuman trafficking, led by its two most prevalent forms, sex trafficking and forced labor, rely on the United States interstate highway system to remain mobile, often one step ahead of law enforcement. This can include moving indentured laborers from one form to another, or it can mean transporting young victims pressed into prostitution from one cheap motel to another.

Regardless of the story, there is a growing movement to defeat these criminals. Just as technology has led to advances in the way traffickers conduct their business, it has meant increased coordination between the agencies, legislators, authorities and even nongovernmental organizations who press forward to end human trafficking at its root.

So in Delaware, that collaboration has become centered on a small nongovernmental organization that seeks to bring together all parties who have a stake in ending the scourge. That entity is known as End Trafficking Delaware and the website is here.

It’s not just an organization dedicated to arresting the criminals who make their living on the backs of trafficking victims. Instead, End Trafficking Delaware seeks to build community awareness as well. It’s shocking to many citizens just how prevalent sex trafficking and forced labor and become in our communities. Even our small towns have become overrun by pimps, drug dealers, and opportunistic criminal entrepreneurs who would deal in human flesh.

The battle is clearly on. If you can become involved in the fight against trafficking, please visit the website and use the contact form to let them know how you can help. It’s never too late to build awareness, nor is it too late to play a role in advocating for better training within the agencies who are charged with protecting our friends and family from the societal cancer.

You might also visit some of the websites listed below. These are other organizations who play a pivotal role in defeating human trafficking. There’s also some great education at these websites, resources with videos etc. so that you might explain the risks to your own family. Our children must be made aware of the dangers that exist. There’s no way to protect them from these evil forces, but putting them on guard against the diabolical methods used by these criminals to ensnare minors may save their lives.

It's Our Time to End Evil